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Enhancing your physical abilities

Physiotherapeutic treatment can improve and maintain your physical abilities.


What is physiotherapy?

Physical complaints causing restrictions in functionality and activity are treated with specific active and passive motion exercises. This leads to pain relieve as the muscle tension is regulated and mobility is normalized. The treatment and its success can further be enhanced by following an individual training schedule at home.


Which disease patterns can be treated?

Functional disorders in posture and of the musculoskeletal system with related pain

  • bad posture
  • lack of movement
  • worn joints
  • Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD)
  • injuries, surgery, etc.




Manual therapy (MT)

Careful mobilization

Manual therapy treats painful disorders of the joint functions.


What is manual therapy?

Impaired joint functions are improved by using specific mobilization and traction techniques that are gentle on the joints. Relaxing and stretching exercises for the muscles, joint capsules and ligaments relieve pain and restore the physiological interaction of different structures.


To optimize results in treatment it is useful to enhance the manual therapy with physical therapeutic measures such as fango or ice, in accordance with the respective diagnosis.


Which disease patterns can be treated?

Functional disorders in posture and of the musculoskeletal system

  • worn joints (arthrosis)
  • joint restrictions
  • Craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD)



Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

Manual lymphatic drainage activates the lymphatic vessels

Manual lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic treatment used to relieve areas of the body that are swollen or filled with cell fluid.


What is manual lymphatic drainage?

Liquid can be moved from the tissue into the lymphatic system and then drained by pressing slightly in circulating movements. Manual lymphatic drainage mainly has an effect on the skin and in subcutaneous areas. It is not supposed to cause a stronger blood circulation, as classical massage techniques do. Key, however, is movement. To improve the therapeutic results, lymphatic drainage should be accompanied by an active exercise regime.


Which disease patterns can be treated?

  • lymphoedema associated with diseases of the lymphatic vessels
  • lymphoedema after tumor removal
  • orthopedic and traumatic diseases with local swelling, e.g. after injuries or surgery



Sports physiotherapy

Training specific movement patterns for different types of spos

Sports physiotherapy supports active athletes in prevention or brings them back into their sports through functional training after injuries, overstressing and surgery.


What is sports physiotherapy?

Considering the individual capacities, relevant movement patterns for the respective type of sport are trained. Painful functional disorders are eliminated by training endurance, power and coordination, by applying tapes and relaxation methods. This facilitates a fast re-start into sports on the desired level.


Sports physiotherapy is used to treat functional disorders after

  • sports injuries
  • accidents
  • surgical procedures




Neurophysiological treatment (KGN-PNF, KGN-Bobath/Adults)

Stimulating unused movement patterns

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) is a physiotherapeutic treatment method for neurological and orthopedic diseases with related movement disorders.


What is PNF?

The PNF concept is based on the assumption that every human being has unused movement patterns that need to be activated. If automated these patterns lead to stabilized joint and muscle functions and to improved coordinative abilities.


Which diseases can be treated?

  • damaged nerves in peripheral areas and diseases of the central nervous system, e.g. multiple sclerosis, stroke
  • movement disorders, e.g. due to inappropriate strain or overstressing
  • nerve lesions due to slipped discs


61440 Oberursel (Ts.)

Nassauer Str. 10

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

7.30 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.