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​​Opening Hours:
​Monday to Friday
​7.30 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.


​61440 Oberursel (Ts.)
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​  06171-4872

​​​Welcome to Institut Klebe at Oberursel
​​Institut Klebe – The best for your health

History and prospects

In 1986, Heike Klebe founded Institut Klebe at Oberursel.

Our practice team has well grown in number over the years and has taken our practice to an international level as we speak German, English and French.

With Kristina Garabédian, née Klebe, the next generation joined in at the institute in 2016. This will enable us to maintain our professional quality and to continue with our personal style in the future.

What you need to know before your first visit?

  • Please remember to bring your insurance card to have your personal details registered.
  • Please make sure to wear comfortable training clothes and indoor training shoes for your first treatment. We will provide you with a towel at Institut Klebe.
  • After a physiotherapeutic assessment we will set up a treatment plan and set a therapeutic aim.
  • Treatment methods and intensity will constantly be adjusted to the respective situation within the following treatments.
  • The last treatment will also be used to conclude with a report on the therapeutic treatment for your next appointment with the treating physician.
  • The offered treatment measures will either be units of 30 or 60 minutes – depending on the prescription and the disease pattern.